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Annabelle Baretta Swimwear

If you can, come to my studio for a fitting. There are plenty of different styles and sizes here for you to try. You can look through the full range of fabrics, tell me your likes and dislikes, and we can discuss any special requirements. We will agree a design while you are here, and the finished garment will be with you within 21 days. (If you're flying off in a week's time, tell me and I'll try to help, unless I'm really busy.)

If you cannot come for a fitting, we can talk on the phone and agree what you want. I may send you a sample first or go straight for the finished swimsuit. Of course, if you have any problems with it, I will make changes free of charge.

And I don't do discontinued. I keep all patterns and clients' measurements and will happily re-make an old favourite for you years later, or adjust a swimsuit if you change shape.


“As a big lady, I dreaded the prospect of being fitted for a swimsuit, but you managed to make it fun!" – Frances, Surrey


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